Designed to assist an organization’s collective competence and human asset development objectives, our professional development courses and learning experiences are tailored to provide individuals, governments and private organizations the skills and knowledge they require to stay ahead in their respective businesses.

With the primary objective of creating industry leading certifications and learning experiences for candidates across the experience spectrum, Sapient’s cherry picked curricula, delivered by subject matter experts, acclaimed academics and accomplished authors, ensures that attendees gain from the first-hand experiences of our distinguished panel of thought leaders and course directors who excel at making skilled assets out of an organization’s human capital.


Our carefully curated online courses allow a candidate to register for an online class and train according to a convenient schedule. These programs are designed to be flexible, cost efficient and make learning more personalized as well as self-paced to meet each candidate’s individual learning ability. While giving them the advantage of securely accessing the course from anywhere, anytime.


Talk to one of our experienced learning analysts who work closely with organizations and training managers aspiring to meet their talent development goals. These need-based courses are consultatively designed with you, thoroughly researched and peer reviewed by industry leaders to meet each business niche and delivered by subject experts who carry extensive domain as well as training expertise.

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Our courses are always fresh, never generic and continually updated to ensure the content reflects the diverse landscape segments that we operate in.

Popular industry segments that we cater to include

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We continue to work and partner with over 120 global enterprises, governments, and fortune 500 entities across the Middle East, Africa and now Asia.

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