Your organization is unique, your training needs are too.

Online Self Paced Learning, 2D Videos, 3D Simulations and Virtual Reality and Extended Reality solutions and intelli-tests are just a few solutions that we can tailor make for your teams, based on your organization’s long term training plan for the workforce. Below are a few benefits to incentivise your decision making if you are considering tailor made digital content for your organisation’s learning needs.

Why should you consider imaginica’s customized digital solutions to train your employees?

Customized Immersive Learning

Be it Maintenance, Warehousing, Facility Management or any other activity, it is as close as you can get to a real-life scenario, customized to match your organization’s functions and equipment.


Superior Learner Engagement

An average adult mind’s ability to focus is not more than a few minutes; trainings do not have to seem boring, power-point ridden and sleep inducing. Hands-on Real-time visual and audio feedback is bound to engross the participants and keep their the sensory cortex flaring and attentive thru-ought the training.

Collaborative Learning

Trainings are not a solo experience, with solutions such as Virtual Reality Trainings, you can collaborate with colleagues from across the world in virtual environments.


Freedom To Fail

Pre-meditated real life scenarios can be re-set over and over, ensuring that the participants can fully engage in simulation activities and confidently make mistakes; learning from their failures and the actions that lead to failures – without causing damage to company assets or endangering colleagues.

Better, Streamlined Onboarding

A new employee is likely to stay longer if they have received a comprehensive preparation for the job functions they are expected to execute.


Significant Cost Reduction

Enable participants to experiment with equipment that would otherwise be expensive in the real world. Additional benefits include reduced resource expenditure such as time and travel costs.


Gather crucial data, recognize learning patterns Vs. post training performance and tweak training content and methods as you progress, enabling superior training outcomes overtime.


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