#Making a difference

Enabling Possibilities Program

Knowledge is a key enabler to unlocking opportunities in business and life, education helps one realize their full potential. As a socially responsible organization, we at sapient want to contribute by joining hands and helping individuals in need. Since 2019, 2 Sapient sponsored seats are reserved in all our courses for professionals that are truly interested and in need of the coaching and certification but cannot afford it. This program maintains anonymity of the attendee and offers them a comprehensive registration along with the pre-course and post-course engagement modules, materials and mentorship.

Talk to us if you know someone that could benefit from our “Enabling Possibilities” program.

#Gender Equity


NGAGE (Next Gen Advocates of Gender Equity) was Sapient’s first Virtual Summit and became the first and the largest of its kind virtual forum aimed at reinforcing the spirit of the 16-days of global activism against gender-based violence — observed from November 25th (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) to December 10th, the NGAGE Forum was organized as part of a collection of online activities and was part of the inaugural edition of the “India Gender Equity Week” which we hope will avalanche this into a national, collective, annual movement; and will be scheduled every year from December 10th – 12th.

Over the course of the upcoming years, Durga aims to set up the Indian Gender Equity Week to witness a host of online and offline activities intended to start the conversation around Gender Equity in multiple sectors of our society. To know more about Durga Click here.

#Social Impact

Hands For Society Foundation

During one of our directors’ involvement in a routine volunteering teaching drives for Hands For Society, he was deeply moved by the lack of adequate facilities and the immense opportunities that kids were deprived of in today’s world, which, in his words were “one of the gravest crimes we could commit as a society and is nothing less than robbing the children off their potential to not just in leading a better life but also their contribution toward nation building”.

Hands For Society Foundation is an Indian NGO that is heavily involved in activities around rural community development through activities such as early education for children, women upliftment through upskilling and sanitation advocacy in general. We at sapient are gratified to be able to do our bit in supporting this genuine bunch of humans that believe in enabling better possibilities.

To know more about Hands for Society, their social impact, to volunteer or contribute to their programs visit here

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