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Sapient is headquartered in India with business interests in growth markets across the Middle East, Europe, Africa and now Asia as well.

We currently service training needs in HSSE, Procurement and Supply, Finance, Engineering, Management and Technology verticals. If you do not find a course of your choice do click here to let us know and we will create a customized course for you in no time!

Online Live Courses: You can check for an online course of your choice and register yourself for an upcoming batch by filling out a basic form and completing the simple registration process.

Public Courses: As the world is stepping into a post pandemic work lifestyle with social distancing being the new norm. Please check with our team on our upcoming public courses and the schedule for 2021. Do note that we would be able to host public courses in a staggered manner from region to region with due adherence to local laws on safe distancing and hygiene. 

In-House Trainings: We deliver customized in-house trainings on a wide variety of topics. These bespoke, need based courses are consultatively designed by the subject matter expert along with close inputs from you and your team; you will then receive a customized quote that meets your learning and budget expectations.

Registration Deadline: As a standard Policy the last day for registration will be 5 working days ahead for online courses and 10 working days for public courses and otherwise, for special cases please write to us at learning@sapient.training.

Payment Mode: Participants and participating companies can pay securely by corporate / personal credit or debit and credit cards online or by bank transfer, please refer to your invoice sent to you on your registered communication email ID for our detailed banking information or contact our support team on learning@sapient.training should you need more help.

Payment Timeline: As a standard policy, payments for online courses need to be completed by credit/debit cards during the time of online booking.  Payments by bank transfer are usually offered optionally for registrations to public courses and customized in-house trainings.

For Courses offered by Professional and Academic Associations, participants will receive their respective certifications from the authorizing body with due validations, upon successful completion of online examination.

For specialized and customized courses offered by Sapient in association with our knowledge partners, a co-authorized certificate of validation will be provided to the participants, detailing the number of hours and the specialized subject that the participant has been up-skilled / re-skilled on. 

We typically try and limit each training batch to a maximum of 15 seats for certification courses  and a maximum of 25 seats for specialized courses without an exam.

Certified Courses: Some certified courses carry a strict set of participation criteria based on the number of years, or a minimal educational milestone that you need to hold in order to be eligible to apply to acquire the certification. Talk to us on on the live chat or call us on +442036080949 to know more about the course of your choice and we will help you with more specific information.

Specialised or Customised (Non-Certified ) Courses:  Even though these courses are not regulated by professional bodies, it is advisable for participants actively holding the suggested job titles to be a part of any training of choice. Do reach us if you would like to know who a particular course could impart maximum value to.

Our global network of trainers are distinguished international experts in fields of their choice and come with over 20 to 50 years of experience in their industry. They are thorough professionals with over 2 decades of primary contribution toward knowledge impartment in concurrence to their service to the respective industries.

Where do your trainers come from?

Our specialized trainers are placed across the globe right from Western Americas to Eastern Asia.

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